Im having some minor computer issues in need of assistance

what do you think about registry fix programs like, optimize pc ?

closebeau.regtool1.hop.clickbank … e=download

whats a good one thats actually free unlike that last one

Personally, I use ccleaner. I’ve found that it really helps to get a slowed down clogged up computer running smooth again. It has a ‘c’ drive cleaner as well as a registry cleaner. Also, of course, defrag the drive.

Thanks ill try it

Did you try that and if so, did it work and would it be an easy install for a relative “newbie” to all this high tech stuff?  Would I lose any programs or anything if I downloaded it and run it?  Keep us posted please . Thanks !

well you do have to un-select anything you wouldn’t want it to delete,  but it will scan first, and yeah its a newb frendly program,

however  my comp seemed to be prety clean i’m just having some other minor issues now to do with bios or a chipset or somthing that i tried to update and now everytime i restart or shutdown it starts then goes to a black screen right away  and if i restart it right after it works fine …

Have you tried a system restore to a date when your computer was running better?

Is the black screen issue what you were trying to fix, or is that after using ‘ccleaner’?

the black screen isnt from the cleaner  the cleaner works good  but i did restore to a early restore point and got it all set up good and it still  does the black screen with the little _ blinking at the top right ?????? :unamused:

Bummer!!! Wish I could help. Time to find someone good with computers around there or dig through any manuals you might have (motherboard, video card). I’d gamble with my own computer, but would hate to screw someone else’s up.
Anyone else out there have any ideas?
Updating bios these days should be fairly straight forward, but still could kill a machine if done wrong or gettiing hit with a quick power bump or outtage while doing the update.
Good luck.

Since the colour of your screen isn’t blue, and your system does eventually get up and run, you might want to try reinstalling your original system discs…motherboard chipset stuff.

will that make me loose all my hd because its un rescuable seing that i got 2 320 gb hd’s running raid 0

It shouldn’t, but maybe someone with more tech savvy that me that answer that one.
The only way I’ve ever wiped out data on a hard drive, other than on purpose, was to do a reinstall of the operating system.
Another option is to google how to do a repair on the operating system you’re running.
Sometimes it fixes the problem, other times not. Just be careful to follow the directions carefully.
It’s saved my bacon doing this on a few occasions.

god damnit now it keeps feezing up and i have to restart twice because it goes to that f ing black screen with the blinking _ at the top left  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im so fing mad and why the fuck did i spend $3000 on this pos  dell should fix this bullshit but its soo fing hard to get them to do anything fuck !!! :imp: :imp: :imp: :unamused: :imp: :unamused: :confused: :confused: :frowning: :frowning: :unamused: :unamused: :neutral_face: :imp:

dell remote assistance wasnt that bad took a while but we got everthing figured out in 3 hours lol   
a corrupt video driver and a bad bios update  so happy that its fixed thanks all  :smiley:

You spent $3000 on a Windows computer?
Ya know yesterday my trainee came an confessed that a friend of his came in and bragged his Mom bought a new Dell for $2500 and he blurted out “Is she fucking retarded?”

Did he buy 4 computers for 3k ? Dam a macpro quad core computer is about the same, but would EAT THE DELL for sure.

Good to hear that you’re up and running again.  :smile:

Built a PhenomII 965 (3.4 GHz quad), 8 GB Win7 Pro system on the weekend and haven’t sunk $800 into the project yet.
For business use, so I don’t need more than the onboard 512 video.

Last $3K system we did had $1400 in twin SLI cards, 8 GB and Intel quad almost 2 years ago.
The kid made that comment cuz “Mom” was 55 years old and bought the $2500 Dell to run Simply Accounting which she could’ve done on one of those $248 eMachine Netbooks from WalMart.