iHate iTunes with an iPassion!

Ok so this is why I put off buying an iPod for so long… iHate iTunes.

Is there a way that I can load a folder of 100 songs, all by different artists, off of different original albums, and keep them in one folder or album on my iPod?  iHate how iTunes breaks stuff down as soon as it’s in there, and doesn’t keep the folder I added all together.  Am I just missing an option somewhere? 

I just tried to load 10 Metallica albums in there, and now I have 130+ songs all indexed like this:

Metallica 01 - Enter Sandman
Metallica 01 - Ain’t My Bitch
Metallica 01 - Battery
Metallica 01 - Blackened
Metallica 02 - …and Justice For All
Metallica 02 - 2x4
Metallica 02 - It’s Electric

… when I would have preferred the songs to stay in each album folder instead.

I am also not a fan of the music disappearing off the iPod as soon as the folder is moved or renamed on the computer.  I guess I’m stuck on the awesome way my Creative mp3 player did it years ago.

live in the now, wayne.

The now sucks.

I personally create a folder on the side ( play list’s ) every time i import a album i import it to that folder. Works better than any other way.

Music disapearing weird :smiley:

Two options: either let iTunes organize everything in folders (artists, then inside there, albums, etc), or you organize it yourself. Personally, I think iTunes does a better job than I do.

You can turn on and off the “organize things for me” like in the attached screenshot.

But what you’re really wanting is a “playlist” – it doesn’t matter where the songs are physically located on the hard drive, you want them to play in certain groups or whatever (workout music, reading music, driving music, playing hockey music, etc).

Create playlists on the left side of iTunes. You can drag a folder of 100 songs onto a playlist, and those songs will be kept together (and you can sync them automatically together, etc). But in the background, iTunes will sort them so they are physically stored in folders according to their artists and albums.

So make some playlists and try it that way.  Think of playlists like you think of folders.  Don’t worry about where they are on the hard drive, itunes will handle that.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]