“If a doctor can get malpractice, why can’t a judge?”

The thoughts of the family after the return of Kienan Hebert, some valid thoughts perhaps?

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While both are entrusted with the public good, people elect to go to doctors or not. People who wind up in front of a judge usually don’t have a say in the matter.

Judges are either appointed or voted in by the local population. There is no private practice. They’re given power based upon their credentials to uphold the public good. They’re technically employees of the people. Like an elected politican.

No judge wants to make a wrong call. Especially where a child is involved. But then again, they’re only human and have the same faults as the rest of us.


And then we get this report.

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Randall Hopley sounds like the kind of person who fits here. He was known; he had a record. I am not sure which of jail or hospital or outpatient services through mental health were best for him, but he needed something.

[quote]One of the recommendations in the 2008 report was for an urgent response centre where people could be assessed and triaged according to their needs.
That centre has been stalled by budget constraints and other health-system priorities, the new report said.[/quote]

And this is where it gets dicey. And where politicians have to make very difficult decisions. Assuming the fairest of all possible tax regimes, the amount of money for governments is still finite.

Apparently Canada has spent $92B on security since Sept 11, 2001. We will never know if any of the money prevented one terrorist attack.

Most of us spend money to insure our cars and homes and we are glad that we “lose” money on this transaction. We don’t want to be collecting insurance from an accident or fire.

But if I need an extra $1000 a year to feed my kids maybe I don’t insure my house. After all, how many houses have a fire.

It’s all about risk management. I would like to think we are a caring, compassionate society and we must do everything we can for all citizens.

And I am assuming the fairest possible tax system (and maybe that’s all we need and my musings become irrelevant), but what are we prepared to give up to ensure that the mentally ill are treated, to ensure that families do not have to live through the rare, random abduction of their small child.

I really have no idea, but I think I am willing to gamble on a little less security from terrorists.