Iditarod and other races on The Big Picture

Iditarod and other races on The Big Picture: … dding.html

couple friends of mine are there this year and got married on the course while spectating.neat idea i thought

You know the Caledonia Classic is one of the biggies on the circuit.
They held it here last weekend.
It’s you own damn fault for not knowing because they DID put a sign on the Overwaitea bulletin board. You could have driven up and looked!
It was a smashing success. Racers from everywhere came. If some tourist had come, Mr G could’ve stayed open til 8 or 9 selling coffee!

They learned well. The last town council just spent a shitload of money bringing people to tell us we needed a new logo and designed up thousands of brochures. Hell they sent one to everyone in town!
Too bad they didn’t send any to people who don’t live here