Idea for Tourism!

I think all the Prince Rupert detachment members should wear the full mountie uniform, 24/7, year round! That way we can build a cottage industry around tourists coming and collecting photographs of authentic Canadian mounties “getting their man”!

They can wear the bulletproof vest too if they want! I think you can even get a GST rebate on red uniforms because they are classified as high visibility - so it eliminates the need for the reflective vest police have to wear when they are making traffic stops. If its not high visibility enough then apply a couple snappy 3M reflective strips in a giant X on the back!

What is this really about? It is some joke, I get that, but Prince Rupert needs a lot more than just a booming tourism industry. We need to start helping each other out more and quit with all the negative satire and sarcasm.

Ahem, don’t feed the trolls…

Why is it a bad idea ?

I think this is the beat post/idea yet posted on
I agree leftwing! No trolling here!

Trolls need to be a little more clever than this really. Must have been a slow htmf week I guess.