Idea for the waterfront development - Livaboard docks-

Among many other things that could be put in place or suggested for the bit of waterfront left in town I have one I would like to put forward. I’ve always wanted to live on a boat. Currently there is nowhere in town- and very few places along the coast actually- where you are allowed to park a boat and live on it. People do- but they aren’t supposed to from what I hear. I think it might be ok at the Yacht club but that would get expensive. If there was a way to build a few more public docks and have those ok for liveaboards it would be convenient. From what I understand, I’m just getting a taste of what dock politics can be like. There are people who want to live aboard their boats- could we find a place for them to- where they don’t have to break any contracts or laws? Maybe this could be included in the waterfront planning? Whatcha think?

People live on their boats at Rushbrook Floats. They may moorage (sp?) and water and electricity is available.

How would you propose to pay for this so-called public dock?
It’s an expensive proposition in PR harbour. Water is way to deep for piles, so it has to be a floater. And then you need a floating breakwater as well. Even small marinas, like the one the City is looking to build in Cow Bay, is costing up to $2m for only about 50 slips.

Side note: HTMF is not the place to toss out ideas if you’d actually like to see them discussed or incorporated into city planning. You should have attended the open house/presentation last night by the city planner on waterfront land use planning.

How do you know Hoser didn’t attend the meeting?

Are you talking about Rupertboots ?

Both Hoser and Rupert Boots posted before the meeting, so whoever.

Sounds like an interesting idea to me. I have seen floating villages in Victoria and Seattle, and they really are appealing. It might be a pipe dream but at least it’s a positive idea. So much negativity.

Thanks for the links Crazy Train- I love the idea of living aboard- anything really- as long as it was a little spacious and warm.

I did go to the meeting. I posted this in preparation for the meeting… At the meeting I thought it was clear that there was a lot of community interest for more public/ commercial docks. So the idea is definitely not a new one. My interest continues to be for my own intent to live on a boat.

I spoke to the main presenter and wrote my comments down in the suggestion box- I don’t know what more I could have done.

It was clear at the meeting that it was mainly for proposals. There is next to no money for any of the plans at the moment- from what I understood. The main speaker stated a number of times that he wasn’t a mariner - or trail builder - but he thought that it would help if a large number of committed, motivated, and capable people got organized to begin lobbying/ implementing such things. I believe HTMF is good for that- networking-

I think it is an issue that for a person to tie up a boat at the Port Ed Harbour Authority- they are required to sign a contract saying they won’t live aboard. Dock politics suck. I can tell and I don’t even have a boat on one yet. This is not just for the Port Ed harbour Authority but ones all around the coast I am sure. I am hearing of folks getting kicked out of their living space on docks all over this coast these days- it scares me.

To me there is a big misunderstanding of dock policies and politics- that I won’t even try and get into- concerning insurance, liability, etc.

I want to get a head start on this issue- before it becomes a real one for me- so I am starting small. Prince Rupert- when it finally grows/ finds money and does all it plans on- needs to find a space for people like me- who want to live on their boats/ house boats- without feeling threatened that their spot could be taken away at any time- somewhere affordable too.

That’s just my opinion- don’t take it too much to heart! :smiley:

An interesting read for anyone interested :smile: … 92863.html