iBook function keys

On my iBook, most of the function keys have special tasks assigned to them, such as brightness or volume control. Is there any way to disable these special features so that I can use them as straightforward function keys? There’s a lot of applications I have which use them, but because of these other assigned tasks I have to hold down fn and shift while pressing them.



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I’d like to repeat this question, except for the eMac. That option doesn’t appear in the system preferences on my work eMac.

Seems to be on my eMac! Click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab on that window. Well I’m not exactly sure but check it out anyway. It maybe because of a different system ( before 10.3)

nope, the keyboard short cuts tab only has options for some of the keys. specifically, i want to be able to assign photoshop actions to F14 and F15, but they’re under the control of the brightness.