I want a camera

Hear that you can buy underwater cameras that are drop-proof to like 8 feet.  This sounds like it would work for Mexico, even just slidding of the couch and stuff like they do.  Seems like we have a few photographers on here…can you make some suggestions for what i want.  underwater, drop proof, good macro, would love a lens but that is asking alot…help please!

don’t know anything about camera’s or photography but I came across this video recently, as I am subscribed to them on youtube.  pretty funny video if you ask me, and from what I can tell it has what you asked for even some extra’s like freeze proof and dust proof, water and shock proof.

check it out.  he even drops it in the bucket of water from a decent height. the camera is the Sony DSC-TX5 Cybershot

My Olympus Stylus “Tough” mysteriously developed a hairline crack in the monitor after less than a year and it’s “drop-proof” to five feet…since I am only 5’3" and have not been flinging the camera around from over my head, I am not much impressed. It’s working fine but the ‘waterproofing’ is now pretty much crap. Oh and if you read the manual, it’s not hard to have the gaskets go bad anyhow, my husband managed to drown his during two weeks in Hawaii last year. So I treat my camera well, keep it dry and in a soft-shell case even carrying it around in my purse.

sighs.  :roll:

here’s another video for you, I got to wondering about what other camera’s there might be, and did a quick search, in the video he compares five different camera’s, I still like that TX5 from Sony.

Thanks Lost, i will check them out later today, sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what i am looking for. 

I love the olympus tough series. I just bought one. Have wanted one since I was working at Shutter Shack. Great cameras. They’ll warranty that crack. Bring it back to where you bought it.

I sent one away that I figured would never be warranteed clear abuse and they fixed it for the price of shipping.

I had an olympus camera. I loved it. The only reason I ever got rid of it was because I switched to digital. It was water resistant, although I never thought to test it out. Lasted all through my teen years, and I wasn’t very nice to it either.

I love my Nikon D3000, it works well for me.

I’ll go through my catch-all drawer and hope I remembered to save my receipt. Can’t even recall where I bought it ( I’m pretty sure we bought our daughter one at Best Buy a couple of months later) but I am usually good about hanging onto that stuff for proof of purchase.

I do love the camera otherwise, everyone tells me they love the albums I post and it’s easy to have with me on hikes,etc. I would like to get a better wrist strap though, not being able to tighten it snugger on my wrist and the fact that the housing is rather slippery makes me a little nervous sometimes!