I`ve been robbed

Im in Tacna, at the southern tip of Peru. So anyways, last night I stepped into a small shop to buy a bottle of water. I set my handbag down on the ground so I could get out my wallet and pay, and not two seconds later, someone off the street grabbed it and ran. I chased him for a bit, but he turned a corner, then another corner and just like that I had lost him. Then I went to the police station and spent three hours giving a report to people who generally did not speak English. The bag contained my camera, a really nice lens, two microdrives, a dell 15gb mp3 player and various other assorted goodies. Total value of about $4200cdn. They had trouble believing a camera is worth that much, and even more trouble belivig the lens was worth more than the camera. Went back this morning to get a copy of the report - that took two and a half hours, because to make a copy meant someone had to type it... on a typewriter! So now Im cameraless again. Ah well. Thank God for insurance.

I don’t what to say other than sucks to be you. Hope you have better luck and a safe trip home. Don’t drink the water and get the shits again. ( I noticed an entry on www.hoshq.com claimed you had a seveire case of the runs, ouch!)

admit it Andrew, you cried…

Ahaha… That’s what you get for carrying a purse.


Hey If you get robbed give the guy the stuff. When he turns around to run pick up a bottle and knock him over the head with it.

I wonder if the robber has a computer for uploading the pictures. How about a firewire or usb port?

Haha, I would doubt that if the police station makes copies on a typewriter. Hoshq must look pretty funny to them though, a big nerd carrying around a purse?

I can’t imagine a kid like yourself at his age, your poor parents

I really hope hoshq wasn’t looking for sympathy on here.

man that sucks man…but a purse? haha…i won’t, its to easy…