I have important news from Colin Farrel Hoshq

My Dad works downtown and he says he has important news from Colin Farrel. Apparently Hoshq is in Prince rupert. My dad says he is a legend on this board. Is that true?

funny, I have an email from a Colin Farrell in my inbox here that has an attachment of a picture of an asian man with an unusually large penis…

Yeah, see this:

hackingthemainframe.com/smf/inde … 397.0.html

We’ve been spammed by colin farrell. 

What this has to do with hoshq I don’t know… Is he really in town?  If you’re reading this, hoshq, e-mail me.

Ahh yes I see now…

What struck me was the subject line, news from Colin Farrel, and the PM I received was from him. Albeit the spelling of the last name was different.

If it official, hoshq has been sighted in Prince Rupert today, August 10th.  My Dad says this is wonderful news.  Who is hoshq?

Wow, this is wonderful news.  It’s a sure sign that Rupert is prospering!  Ah, remember HackingthemainHoshq?

More HTMF nonsense.  I don’t believe a word!

I can confirm Hoshq is in Prince Rupert.  Just had coffee with him.  He’s living in Whitehorse now.  Any more details, I’m sure he can post.

Junior, who is your father?

Mig , who is this Colin Farrel and what is this Hoshg?