I hate hate modems

Windows XP pro. It is a conaxant 56 k SoftV92 Data Fax Modem. I tried every driver I found on the web, and none of them works. I have the disk for them too but would not install. After inspecting, Windows XP logo or something like that would not take it???


I have a Conexant 56k SoftV92 Data Fax Voice Modem, and it used to work on Windows 2000, but doesn’t seem to work properly on Windows XP Pro :S

What da F&^% ?

This is what happened. All I did was uninstall the old Norton Internet Security and Virus. Than put an updated 2003 version from 2002.

Then, when I rebooted…the pc kept on rebooting, could not load windows. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo I reinstalled XP pro. Now the communications connections would not WORK!

I don’t know man, some modems suck some are ok.



Try this, when it asks for the location of the driver put in c:\windows\system and c:\windows If you didnt format the drivers should still be in there.

I tested that same exact modem on win98 and it didn’t seem to work either…odd

Though I didn’t really try hard to get it working heh…


Those modems suck. Why do you think your system was so cheap? Fussy with drivers, try a Smartlink modem you should get them around $30. Also stay away from anything AMR type. You need a newer board with a riser and they’re really sensitive to line distance. If you’re more than a mile or so from downtown they start having lots of problems.

I think he’ll do just about anything, I mean, he used a double hate …

The funny thing is though, it installed perfect on win xp home, but pro (not)

Word “LIVE”


I don’t know why I am pully my teeth out for this, we are having high speed in this community b4 xmas. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I don’t like leaving a problem unsolved. That’s why I want to work for CSI ny :laughing: