I guess i am not just the average person

I was just watching the news this morning. man oh man, I guess a few of us will not be going to the 2010 Olympic games. as they claim the average person will be able to afford it. they also claim the openings are going to go for 2000.00 to 4000.00 same with the hockey games.I would have loved to go and watch one of the hockey games.but to remortgage my home to go is just not something I would like to do. how do other people fell about this.
  I wonder were I sit then I own my home and truck. work 5 days a week.so does my husband. and I will never be able to be a part of this. I guess alot of us that live here in Rupert live at a poverty level not just the joe average level. it sucks.

You’re just finding out that the Olympics are going to be expensve to attend?? So it has been and so it always be. Why should Vancouver be any different? Although I highly doubt that hockey games will be going for $2,000, unless it’s Canada in the final and you’re getting the tickets from scalpers. I have attended a Winter Olympics and it will probably be a bit higher than an NHL game and slightly lower for, say, Belarus vs Japan.

Not quite sure where you get your data - I just listened to an interview on BC Almanac with some VANOC bigwig. Here’s the bits I can remember:

Opening ceremonies: Up to $1100

Men’s hockey round robin: $50-200

The men’s hockey is entirely at GM place, so you’re looking at the same price range as an NHL game (for the round robin, at least). I didn’t catch what the tickets would go for for the medal round, but I’d guess that they’d go somewhere in the $200-500 range, and $500-1000 for the final.

Personally, I feel that the average person can afford to attend a bunch of stuff at the Olympics. For spotlight events like the opening ceremonies and the men’s hockey final, the biggest barrier to entry is ticket availablity, not price. Lots of people want to go the hockey final, but only 20,000 can get in.