I got screwed over bad! - long story

So i was working for this traffic control company attempting to pay my bills while i obtained a big enough client base to sustain my business.

Well on my first payday my paycheck bounces! well i quickly contacted my boss and she gave me another one which went through no big deal i thought simple mistake (i didnt get the money until 2 days before my second paycheck)

Well the second payday comes along and im thinking ill just take the check to her bank and get it cashed… because my bank was going to put a 2 week hold on it since it bounced last time.

Well her bank is closed so i wait till monday and shes supposed to give me time to get in to cash my check… well she didnt show up to do that. Fortunatly the job ended early enouygh for me to get to the bank.

When i got to the bank guess what… the teller tells me she cant cash it she is going to have to call my boss and talk to her about it… well at this point im a little bloody pissed off she calls my boss and my boss says some bs to her. the teller comes back and tells me my boss wants to talk to me… she says “you are off work already? I wasnt going to let you cash that check i was going to give you cash” well i dont believe that for a second but fine.

my boss says shes going to call me back in 15 min long story short she doesnt. i try to call her for 4 hours i get no response and finally get the money at 10pm too late to get it in my bank account fo r the bills to come out.

ok so this was supposed to be my 3rd payday last friday however thursday at 5:30 am she calls me and says “i need you to come in as soon as you get this message. If you dont coem in i wont be able to get your paycheck done on time. I will also have to tell everyone else the same thing”

So I quit first i dont take well to being called at 5:30 am and second I dont like being threatened.

heres the problem

1 i was paying union dues for a union i didnt sign into and wasnt sworn into and really knew nothing about…

2 she paid me 20 dollars as my last paycheck deducting money for a coruse i had to take in order to get the job. She never once said i had to pay for this course only that she charges 350 bucks for it. Nobody else has paid for this course the only reason she charged me for it is because i quit. (she didnt deduct it off my last 800 dollar paycheck…)

Also just as a note i was working illegally for the first 2 weeks i had the job
( i hadnt taken the course). Neither had most of her other employees so i am considering reporting that to wcb I have proof (I have my paystub from before i took the certification and the “temporary certificate” i was issued after)

A few other issues I havnt recieved my permanent certificate yet from the course and my paystub for the paycheck i got was only from the payperiod which ended a week before last friday (I worked a buncha hours that week) and she ripped the top half of it off which is the half with all the hours i worked.

I have never been in a situation like this before anyone have any suggestions? or how do i find the closes labour relations office here? how about wcb how do i file a complaint? and how do i file a complaint with the union (apparently ibew).


ps never work for blacktop traffic control.

I’ve never had something like this happen to me, but here’s my thoughts for what it’s worth…

If you are were paying union dues, then I would start by contacting the union. Ask them if you are indeed a member and if so have them follow up on your complaint. If you aren’t a member, and have been paying dues, then you should go after that money back. (See below)

Your next stop might be to the Employment Standards people. Here is a link to thier website which lists where the offices are:


Talk to them even if the union says they will help you so that you get a clear picture of your rights. Definately talk to them if the union can’t or won’t help you.

As you mentioned, you may even want to contact WCB if they are allowing people to work who have not completed the safety course required.


Thanks alot ill head there monday and ill see if i can find where the hell the union is located… my former boss is not being very helpful as you can imagine. I was respectful in all my messages i left her and told her i would like to drop off the equipment of hers that i had and pickup my check asap. and she didnt respond for a whole week :unamused:

I know of another guy who got screwed over by her too so i am going to drag him along… i got him the job and now i feel bad.