"I believe you said more than enough....."

I believe you said more than enough…

Actually I went to your blog Grant G and read a really good article how you almost died. Very well written until the end were you went on your government bashing. Man you have a lot a hate.

And he told a retired teacher to “go fyck yourself”…

Hi Grant,

In case you missed it last time:

:point_right: Petronas LNG in Prince Rupert, Happening or Not?
:point_right: Petronas LNG in Prince Rupert, Happening or Not?

And this is going to be the third post about this.

We need to talk about your use of an ‘accent grave’ or ‘uptick’ instead of an apostrophe. If you scroll back and look at your posts, you’ll see that the formatting changes sometimes. That’s because you insist on using that accent mark instead of an apostrophe. This is an ‘accent grave’: ` and this is an apostrophe: ’

Please stop.

Also, please stop wholesale copying and pasting articles onto this website. How about an excerpt, or a summary, along with a link? If you want to copy and paste entire articles, do it on your own website, and link from here.

So, to sum up, stop using ‘accent grave’ instead of the apostrophe. Stop copying and pasting huge articles.

I appreciate your contributions, and hope you’ll keep posting.

I’m sending this to you as a direct message as well.

Dear GRant here is how business works, the short version, company A borrows money at near 0% interest rates so Company A can invest that money at almost practically no cost to them, Banks A through Z are eager to loan Company A at very very very low interest rates, Just because Company A borrowed money does not mean it is in trouble, Since their borrowing cost is almost zero they don’t mind to take on that debt, sometimes it is just to replace existing debt at higher interest rates.


You mean this true story…

Touched By Angels, 6 Days At Burnaby General Hospital

The so-called rant was P.S…Post script…Doctors, nurses and caregivers along with educators have had to endure too many cuts…We have an aging population, demographics and forecasting is not difficult…

BC Liberals have broken so many promises, …including earthquake proofing schools…they recently pushed the timeline out to 2035…When the big shaker comes, entire communities could lose all their children…Who wants to wear that?

BC Liberals keep clucking about balanced budgets…in 2001 the BC Debt stood at $31 billion…Today our debt is $80 billion with another $80 billion in contractual obligations…BC`s legislative media are bought and paid for…And LNG…Costing BC money…We made no money over the last 5 years…Net deficit, costing tax dollars, costing schools, and healthcare…

The Straight Goods will never suckle BC Liberal teats…Only speak the truth!

i just keep coming back to read the comments…

What is it with you guys? Do you have a broken keyboard? It’s an apostrophe, not an accent grave. Are you all using French keyboards or something?

I never quite understand why we need to press shift to get “~”, as this character gets used a lot more often than the accent grave. Accent grave is easily the most forgotten character on the US keyboard layout, almost nobody uses it, and you have to be extremely special to make use of it.

even though cents are so useless they got rid of pennies, that’s the one that is annoying
ALT the type 0162

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Well well well…Guess who created that sickly unread blog…?

Brad Zubyk

You can google him, or google Wazuku…He was/is a paid BC Liberal muckraker…

I outed him years ago on that…He threatened to sue me for slander or liable…

I told Brad Zubyk to bring it on…He ran away with his tail between his legs…

That■s right folks…The BC Liberals were so pissed at me for revealing mountains of dirt they sent a slimmer to go after me…

They don■t shoot dead ducks!


That. Grave. Accent.

lol. That worked. Now only if my phone’s stock keyboard have that ALT function…

Grant, seriously, do you need a new keyboard? I can send you one, no questions asked.

But you really have to stop typing

when you mean

Also, if you know who that was pretending to be Alex Tsakumis, you can pass along my offer of a new keyboard as well. That person seems to have the same apostrophephobia.

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Herman…I do believe that is one of Brad Zubyk’s aliases…Along with Luke Skywalker(He used that alias at The Tyee site)…Dot Luke…Cool Hand Luke…And you used the name Brad at AGT’s defunct site…
Check out the hatchet job Wazuku did on our auditor general John Doyle…Brad Zubyk and Wazuku were trying to discredit John Doyle…Why?..Because the scam known as Pacific Carbon Trust was a gong show…Pacific Carbon was stealing money from schools and hospitals and giving it to corporations who gave money to the BC Liberal …

Here is more detail on Herman(Brad Zubyk)


I wrote about Brad Zubyk’s action on my own site…

Oh indeed…Looks like they sent in Brad Zubyk to try and scare me off…HA HA…What a joke Zubyk is…

He creates a blogsite entirely dedicated to try and discredit me…And now they send him here.

Oh, and as for his site…I believe it got a few reads and then no one bothered with Zubyk’s sad pathetic attempt at smearing…You are a joke Zubyk, did Rachel Notley tell you to Eff off yet?

Clap clap clap clap clap…

Is anyone else really confused?

Here is more on Brad Zubyk…

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Christy Clark And Her Paid Team of Scofflaws and Slimers


Here is a picture of Brad Zubyk.

Pacific Carbon Trust – a division of Smear Inc…


Like I said, they don■t shoot at dead ducks,

[Spoiler]Shhhhhhhh… he doesn’t know, yet.[/Spoiler]

EDIT: Damn! He went back to using grave accent.