I am welcome hackingthemainframe

hello, gentleman and ladies…

i am welcome hackingthemainfame… My name is Heather Prime from Transformers Galaxy Force Vector Prime …

fuckin weirdo is what you are.


agree’s with ghost3x… weird…


I be P.P!! Welcome me with all the open arms of the universe.

i not fucking… i have half robot half human is autobot alike my face…

My master Unicron is evil his planet modern… (evil laugh)

You are so strange! I don’t know if any of you have clicked on her profile, but Heather Prime is an active member at Seibertron.com and PlanetQuintessa.com and who knows where else… It’s almost scary how many members are registered on each, and how many threads and forums there are. It’s like HTMF x 10 to the 6th power. Bizarre! She’s also into sewing, and crafts, and her profile says she’s about 30 years old and has been using IM for about 4 years, so she’s older than 11 lets say… I don’t understand how her spelling is fairly good, but her sentence building is a little scewed… Infact, check out her profile and read some of her recent posts!

WOooOoo! Have you recovered yet?

Seriously though, check out the sites… I feel sad for these people.

But she does have friends! One of them drew this picture for her. It’s really cute!!

Heather, just so you know… you have a typo in your HTMF profile. Your ‘homepage’ has an extra ‘S’ in it.

:frowning: yes orangetango,

i have born cerebral palsy and deafnesss… yes know it you why strange me :confused:

i am hearing and hard of sign laugange so guess i not understand person talk me not hear it try…

thank you orangetango,

i have friend cecilia

i am 29 yrs old not old… me young

Wow, yes, I too feel sorry for you. I also have some of my old grades 1/2/3 grammar and sentence building books if you are interested.

Weird is good.

Oh hey,

Did you enjoy playing WoW all day again? : P

i am good say TRANSFORM!!! AND ROLL OUT!!! my axe and sword have attack firecross blast!!!

[quote=“dylan”]Oh hey,

Did you enjoy playing WoW all day again? : P[/quote]

I wish. I played for like 5 minutes then couldn’t handle it. That’s what sucks about being sick – you can’t enjoy your sick days.

Hey Heather, do you like clowns? They call me weird, too.


I feel shocked … me never mind… why i have weapon axe and sword…

You guys should go out.

i sense a troll…


What the hell is going on here! Get the crap out.

Im the illiterate one here!

but this Prime time girl is giving me a run for my money.

paddy no like primegirl steal spark need soul. tin man need brain.

Theres always room for two illterate people but there is no room for two