I am hoping someone can help me

I am hoping someone can help me .
I am not sure of the bands name but one of the bands members is Bobby Page.They have a video out that I keep hearing good things about, if someone knows of a site I can view it on , I would appreciate the info.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of  Bobby Page?
what is the video about ?

Ask yngwie if he’s around… I’m sure he knows what you are talking about.

Hehe smartass are you being sarcastic, in a vague sort of way? :wink:

For once… no.

I mean it in a “yngwie will know a lot more about that question than any of us” kinda way, since he’s kinda directly related to it.

You can download clips of the video on that webpage

Your talking about The Consort Metal Shop in rupert. Bands name is Triple Bypass

the Band memebers are

Paul Cox (Singer)
Mark Giordano (Bassists and Maker of “Metal Shop site and Rupert Online”)
Bobby Page ( Guitarist)
Darren Smith (Drums)
Brian Miller (Lead Guitar& My guitar teacher)

You can only download 1 Metal shop clip, its from Metal Shop I and its the Preview for Metal Shop II so it only plays like 20 seconds per song

If you want the Full 2hour DVD you’ll have to buy it because Metal Shop was only a prince rupert thing so itll be impossible to find it anywhere.

You can buy it directly from one of the Band Memebers (I suggest Brain or Paul) or you may find it at Teddys Music Store if you live here in town.