Hydro spurts, hyrdo outages, city tel cell service problems, telus cell problems

What the heck?!?!  Seriously!

My clocks WERE all 25 minutes fast due to so-called 'power spurts"  And now they’re flashing due to the short power outage we had today. 

And we all know how the cell service around here is!!

What is going on? Is the end of the world nigh?

Welcome to the north, Princess.

It was on the radio this morning that they are working on the power grid up here so we would be on Alcan power. This always leads to faster clocks (due to the frequency of the power being different or something) and often to outages.

Just learn to love it. Power outages often lead to less work when all the computers go down.

Well, you know where I work, Crazy Mike, and let me tell you, it makes for much MORE work for us!  The next day is usually such a hassle.  We JUST found the last power-outage error last week!  We all shouted “oh no!” when it went out today.

Crap.  I’m glad I left my computers off when I went south:)

Well at least they won’t hold a meeting to scold you for computer errors over this…lol

Yep there are days when it seems positively third world like here, the power goes out, everyone takes a siesta…

I feel like this is a veritable tropical paradise compared to Mackenzie.  You think these power outages are annoying/pain in the ass?? 

How about a 29 hour outage?  Not good enough?  How about when it’s January and there’s a bunch of snow outside?  Not good enough?  How about with -25C?!?!?!?! 

Minor power bumps and clocks not keeping time are a welcome change!

Yep there are days when it seems positively third world like here, the power goes out, everyone takes a siesta… [/quote]

Siesta - now that is a great idea - anyone want to draft a resolution for council? Is there anyway that we can argue that siesta is good for the economy?

  I thought city council were already taking a loooooooooong siesta… :unamused:

The mayor must be. In the paper the other day he showed as being absent for all the votes…lol

It’s all about the Hertz, when BC Hydro does maintanence, the kind benevolent Unk in Kitimat steps up and supplys power to the Grid. In order to push power all the way to Vanderhoof requires 63 hertz this displaces the time/space continuim and thus we all age faster.

Our computer got fried from the damn outage, and its even hooked up to a surge protector…very annoying…!