Hydro outages

Has any body else in town had Hydro outages last night and this morning?
I am in the east end. Two last night and one this morning. About a min. or two each.
Just enough to make every @#$##@%%^ clock and computer in the house
stupid! It has happend a couple of weeks ago too.
Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Yup, I’m on the east end too. Same thing.

Called hydro, and even after telling them the whole neighbor hood and more was out of power, they told us we should shut off the breaker for a few minutes, and then turn it back on. Useless tits…

With last night’s rain we can be thankful it was just fleeting outages.

7th East here and no problems. Shitty for you guy’s lol

6th West area I had bad brown outs last night. Not bad enough to make blinking 12’s though.

I read that as ‘blinking 182s’ and thought to myself… wholy fuck that dude must be old. Apparently I’m just blind.

Just brownouts, nothing to call home about.

Weren’t no brownouts here, full on power outages. Only lasted less than a minute though.

Just going to leave this here:

cbc.ca/news/technology/story … ml?cmp=rss

Thanks to all who posted a reply.

These one to two min. outages were happening before the solar storm.

And I also find the advice that Buba Steve got from BC Hydro to be insulting to the intelligence!