Husky Under New Managment

Husky Is under New Management, As I used to be a “regular” there. I smile at the opportunity to see another new fresh face in another business in Rupert. Hope that the new owner can make it with all the “other” bigger gas station’s in town.  Hat’s off.

What happened to the other owner, he seemed like a nice enough guy, I try to buy my gas at Husky as it keeps the other chain places honest as far as pricing, Husky seems to (in the past anyways) have been the last to jack up the prices, unlike a certain other chain a little to the east of the downtown area. 

Went there tonight okay I realize it is a new person starting … but really I went to pay for some drinks and prepay for gas with my debit card. I was told that I had to go and get gas first and then come back in ( a line up of 8 people behind me) and leave my card. I told him thanks but I don’t think so.  Hopefully it is only opening day stuff but I was in a rush and it was slippery out and I needed to get my kids home.

unsure, but hope things get going :smile: