Humans CAN fly!

Here is a true story from doogie…

I was flying up on the mountain because the winds were blowing soo hard up there…The wind was pushing up the side of the mountain and I have no clue how hard, only I know it was more then I have ever felt thus far…Since the wind was pushing upward it would lighten me soo much during a strong gust it felt scary to jump even a few inches. I was worried about blowing away if I lost my footing. I tested a few gust by jumping just a little and if I jumped 1 foot then I was about four feet in the air landing softly. The wind would slowly die out so landing was safer then you would think…Every time I tell the story I feel like I’m full of shit but believe me I believed I was getting about 5 to 7 seconds of air time and was about 8 to 10 feet in the air. I always thought stories of people leaning flat off of cliffs were wannabe fables but believe me it was a wonderful discovery…Could of put me on MTV extreme sports:lol…I started jumping off of rocks, small at first then ones about 8 feet tall and still catching more air so I have no clue how high in the air I was…You could hear the gust coming from far away and it left slow enough for you to set down, I was using my jacket as a wing. I Went to a Halloween party as Kite Man after that fun experience. I would love to make a kite suit and try it again. I’ll have to send pictures if I make it alive, my brother laughed and said I’ll probably blow into a cliff…I couldn’t explain enough to make it believable in his mind and he thinks my confused mind was playing tricks on me…I must admit I was on mushrooms and that was what made me take the intense hike up the mountain during a powerful blow in the first place…I never planned on flying, it just happened. The key is you have to go when there is no rain or you will get spikes in the face…Also the wind needs to hit an incline and you have to be at the top…The wind doesn’t blow sideways because of the plane of the mountain so all the wind goes up with only a little push backward but not enough to screw up the control. I don’t know if I’ll get another chance soon but I will do it again because it was the best Adrenalin rush I ever got. I swear I thought I pushed it before but that was the BEST. :smiley:
I don’t recomend it because I don’t know if I was just in the perfct spot or all you have to do if find an incling that faces the wind. All I can say is that it is unbelievable to even my senses and I’m the one that was flying…
Then again most people are probably going to say it was the stuff in the mushrooms talking to my reason and stretched the story. I swear I Am shrinking the facts due to that, I feel that I am shrinking the facts from what they really were…i feel that if I had a video camera secured on a rock somewhere I would have a video worth showing…But then again, maybe just on Jackass…

Who’s doogie?

Sounds pretty cool if it’s true. I know that during a storm out on the Charlottes one time, that I was pretty close to being lifted off the ground by air coming off the water. A bigger coat and it might have done it.

Any links to similar experiences? I’ve seen people do stuff like this in wind tunnels but out on the rocks would be a different experience.


I promise you it felt quite safe if you are good on your feet and maybe a little good at falling. Roller blading felt allot more dangerous then that. The only time I felt out of control was when I tried to run uphill and it was way to fast. the angle was 50 degrees or so and I almost ran into a rock that I had to jump over. Tumbled but never got hurt. Like I said, I roller blade so I kind of know how to fall. The reason it felt safe to jump down hill was because the wind made you consistently lighter and the gusts were slow to rise to the peak and lost power slowly also. You could time your jump when you heard the rumble coming. I was screaming for sooo much excitement it has to become new a sport. I’m definitely going to do it again, I’ll just have to wait till the wind is right with no rain. I also have to have the free time that day because it is a long hike to the top of purple mountain. Like I said, next time I’m going to tape it so I’ll have some proof for others and also myself. I couldn’t believe how high up I was and it is hard for me to visualize the memory of how grand it really was. If any one ever had a similar experience I would love to hear about it… :smiley:

Doogie???I wrote this on another message board and there I use the name doogiemonster. That is why the story came from doogie… :laughing:

well got to fly :laughing: , bye