So I’m hackingthenewfoundland.

Will post pictures soon.

Wifi rocks, there’s always an open linksys router waiting to be used.

Wifi rocks!!!

I now have a 19db grid on a camera tripod and a pigtail adapter, a keychain wifi locator and 110V in the dash for my next road trip :smiley:

So I’m in St. John’s for a couple more days, then off to Europe. My brother’s place is on water street, so I have a really good view of the downtown drunk traffic at 4am. Too bad they won’t stay still long enough for me to take photos.

Me and the guys had a chuckle over this… … 450&pos=77

[quote=“Corrupt_File”]Me and the guys had a chuckle over this… … 450&pos=77[/quote]

I don’t get it… what’s funny?

miguel, go for a coffee sometime while your here.

Low-rider, jet propelled semi truck?

It was this pictar here, but I guess it all got switched around… … e=fullsize

Mmmm… taco.