Htmf v5

So this is HTMF V5.

I actually started this a couple of weeks ago, and made the database transfer last night.

That means that anything posted on HTMF since last night is gone. Feel free to post it again :wink:

A couple of things you should know:

  • There will probably be cookie weirdness. Clear your cookies.

  • There will be bugs and stuff not implemented yet. Post here if there are problems. I’m going to be working on this for the next little while.

This new layout totally shows me how freaky my avatar looks. I think I’m going to change it tommorow, or something.

I also don’t really like the beige colour layout. I’m sure I’d get used to it, but I think computers really turned me again beige. Seeing so many beige computers in my lifetime has scarred me for life…

Is it beige for you?

It’s supposed to be grey.

I’ve seen websites where you can choose different colours or even entirely different skins. That would be cool.

mine show’s grey… must be your pc russ. : O ) or your monitor not in color synch…

Yeah, this software has that capability, but it means I have to alter each individual template, since I tend to modify the php lots. The stock templates just won’t work without modification.

I might add one or two (I already have the blue one ready to go) when I get some time. More pressing things always come up, though, such as my e-mail server being down due to a power failure at work!

you should make something like this for

grey here.
but i like it mig, keep it up

Mister Grey or Ishta Gay?

Also, people who are logged in won’t see advertising in the forum and main page.

I’m working on something similar for the photo album.

I might try a self-service ad thing here too, but that depends on the amount of time I have.

Also mig, when you click “Image Gallery” have it go already to users galleries… I liked just going to the page not have to actually click on it.

Didn’t notice that, it’s fixed, thanks.

Need to do the movie listings thing (which I use all the time).

yeah funny, i was just gonna post, WHeres the movie listings, should throw them on the top bar next to the 2nd most improtant thing. Image Gallery lol

Are you going to put the “latest uploads” back on the front page for the image gallery?

Yeah, as soon as I code up the random image block – there’s a few little changes.

Hmm… yeah, now that I’m at work, the site colour is grey. I guess I just have to calibrate my LCD a bit better at home.

haha eso, thats sweeT!

Added a blue theme, may add more if I can move some of this stuff over. I basically need to separate the layout and the actual code, sort of make a “generic” HTMF, which will work with any of these themes. Then I can add a bunch.

Also, played with the ad code a bit, you shouldn’t see ads on HTMF if you’re logged in (except in the image section for now, I won’t tackle the renovations there for a little while).