HTMF Template

Where do I go, who do I ask, consult (ad nauseum), if I were to make a custom theme for HTMF’s forums?

I’m in the mood to do an SMF theme. If anyone has any suggestions of themes they’d like to see, let me know. (Of course, this assumes I’m allowed to submit/upload/something a new theme for this site.)

Thoughts?  :smile:

I’d create, modify and otherwise test said theme on one of my servers, then, if approved, upload here. (Or e-mail to MiG, who could do so)

Dude, I’d totally love you to do an SMF theme for HTMF. … ic=16843.0

I’m not a designer (I had a designer do the logo, for example).  I think you’d want to keep it fixed-width (800px or so).

Heh. I’ve made about 500 SMF themes. I guess I wasn’t specific enough.

I meant ideas on what themes people’d most want. :smile: I can do the rest. (Except, I presume, upload here. I guess you could? After testing it, of course!)

Yeah for sure.

You want to make an official HTMF one?  Like maybe make up a few and we could have a vote and it would become the official one?  (as well as have any others available for individual use). 

I’ll put them on the site for sure.

Agreed. Albeit, I make most fixed width ones at about 750-780, to allow for the/a vertical scrollbar. :smile:

(See, still in development, for fixed width theme at 780px)

Yea. Perhaps. Could do this, for sure. I’d just make them JPG (To code each one would just be a waste of time) previews and ‘vote’ on those? Hm.

Your designs are pretty awesome, dude.  Hope you’re getting lots of work doing design.

Anyway, I guess for inspiration, you could use the HTMF logo.  I had a big conversation with its designer, and it sort of sums up the look I wanted for HTMF:  familiar, techie , icon-ish, hack-ish…

I’m thinking two versions of the same theme to satisfy both palettes…

You said techie: this can, to me, go two ways: Light graphics and heavy graphics. I guess I’d just make one of each: Some people loathe waiting for extra images (or large ones) to load, while others (myself included) don’t mind, at all, a heavy site. (Heavy, in terms of graphical content)

How ‘techie’ is techie? I could go pretty techie. O.o

Well just a touch techy, I guess, as a nod to the genesis of the site…  That’s why the logo’s a common icon of a terminal or terminal emulator, with the underline cursor.

But it’s also become “the” prince rupert forum now, so I guess it wouldn’t want to be too techie, if you know what I mean.

Sounds good to me. I’ll go ahead and make a couple (Light and heavy versions) to start.

Then I’ll just make several styles atop that. From industrial/technical to vector-ish with nifty curly floral patterns to grungy, brushed metal and so forth. :smile:

… Once the primary layout is established, actually applying the graphics to it is easy.

Choices choices! Don’t you love them?

Anybody else feel free to jump in… I guess maybe even point to examples of a nice theme, etc.

I really like the theme I used on, though it is a bit too plain for HTMF, for example.

Here’s an example of a forum style (heavier graphics) that I’ve always admired:

Here’s an example of a forum style (heavier graphics) that I’ve always admired:[/quote]

Nice. Easily outdone, IMO. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I could certainly use that as a guideline. (Not copied, of course, but improved, even? hehe)

Just as long as we’re not on the thin edge of user fees.  :-D

It will be interesting to see what the creative lad (think its a lad, stand to be corrected) can provide for you, but judging by the past works it should be something very impressive.

Looking forward to the sample page…

Just another sign that your forum is becoming a key ingredient of the scene in Prince Rupert.

… Whichever suits. Truly. So long as I don’t misrepresent myself, oversell myself or come across as a moron, it’s all good. thumbs up  :sunglasses:

Hey, if we use his theme, it would have an ad for him on the bottom of the page.

Good exposure – or maybe not, depending what one thinks of HTMF :smile:

I’d not use it. Just use it as loose direction. You’re like me, evidently, in terms of graphics we like. Clean lines, elegant, mostly grayscale with bursts of color here and there, as accents. Clean, sharp, clear, concise. Love it. :smile:

I’d like to see if you could merge the sort of techie look of HTMF with a touch of “Prince Rupert” . I have no idea how to do that of course, but really those are two prevailing themes to these forums.

… Define ‘Prince Rupert’, there. Not sure if you mean an emotion or something physical. (…or I’m just thick)

I guess I was thinking more physical, as capturing Prince Rupert emotionally would be pretty tough. I guess I’m just tired of looking at a logo and some color.

I could do it either way, frankly. :smile: I know I’m still “new ish” to town, but it’s the emotions I felt when I first saw the place that made me move here. I still retain those feelings, so it’d be easy for me to replicate those, graphically, here. :smile: