HTMF front page quotes

I think we need new quotes for the front page

Ok, that’s the first one. Post any new quotes here.

eso : “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go change into something a little more sober.”

Random Quotes

*i like mine unfertilized and successfully expelled…

my wife got the golden shower from my boy

we also smell better. some of us.

Circus people. You know, carnies. Smell like cabbage. Very small hands…

Hey Hosh… so if the Kitimat is having dancers, the horses can give their nerves a rest eh?*

If I may quote my brother:

“I have a problem: I am an intellectual, but at the same time I am not very clever” Adrian Mole

Join a proud minority: read HTMF.

I liked the Internet so much I bought one.

I wanted to keep up my education, so I went to school and learned the computer.

How much will it cost to upgrade my 486?

What’s wrong with the Internet?

Good networks won’t go down on you.

Do you still have the box it came in?

do you have google here in prince rupert?


I am pushor robot!

The coolest thing about me ,is that I can safely say I have had a life changeing experiance that inculed a goat and a condom!!!

I think there should be random Jokes instead of Quotes… or better yet BOTH!

Or better yet, BOFH quotes.

Come back to my place and we’ll burn DVDs with interactive menus.

Hazaa! Woop woop woop woop!

You want Breakfast In Bed Then Sleep In The Kitchen.

Favorite Car audio one… If you Cant Crank it… YANK IT!!

"… and this little piggy went to market,
speculated on oil futures using unredeemable
Zimbabwean bonds, hedged them with KKR junk
issues and caused a global market crash that
made people lose all their money, and they
became so poor that they had to eat rats and
sell their children for medical experiments."
Okay, long story short: I am not allowed to
tell bedtime stories to my grandson any more.