Dammit.  The HST was passes yesterday and will go into effect tomorrow.  Sad day for us all.  :frowning:


Yup… and even if the petition goes through it still wont be repealed.  Our government doesnt give a fuck about the will of the people and yet some fucking morons somewhere voted for this group of morons.

If you voted for a bc liberal… kill yourself. thanks.

If you voted for BC Liberal again

I thought the motto was live and learn, now it’s getting harder to live, and we sure aren’t learning anything.

No not again, ever.  People should have known better when they first saw that arrogant smile on gordon campbells face when he started preaching how glen clarke should step down over untrue allegations of criminal behavior.

Fast forward a short time and look who is arrested for DUI… but it wasnt on our soil so he shouldnt have to resign  right?

fuck off. Anyone who voted for this party is an idiot and anyone who voted for them multiple times should kill themselves because they’re clearly useless to society.

145,000 signatures and it will go to Referendum,right?. As for your last comment keep that shit to yourself, all political parties are the same. They just call the money they steal from us different things NDP would be no different maybe worse.

Nice to see that parenthood has mellowed you out

  don’t kid yourself…it will make jesus even stronger…but “sometimes” it would be nice if he took a deep breathe before posting… hint hint… :wink:

Referendum that they from what I have read have no legal obligation to obey the results of… maybe I’m wrong.

As for my last comment it stands. If you ever voted for the BC liberals you’re an idiot or at the very least very ignorant, oblivious pick a word the shoe fits.

Being a father has calmed me down but I will not stand by while these fucking morons ruin the education system before my daughter even has a chance or the medical system for that matter.

If you EVER voted for the bc liberals it is your fault we’re in this position so fuck you.

Ahhh, just the (B.C.) liberals.

  more profanity please…Is that the best you can do? Come on try, try,try. Dig deep.

Do you really think that if this went to referendum and “no” to HST won that they’d still go through with it?

And as for the 145,000 signatures–that might be close to the correct total, but the actual rule is that the petition must have signatures from at least 10% of registered voters from every individual riding.

They have a history of doing things that a majority don’t want, don’t they?

Why did they campaign on a promise of NOT bringing in the HST then?

Eccentric, do you support the HST?   

I do, but that’s not why I posted. I’m just saying that if this goes to referendum and the HST is defeated, I can’t see the Liberals still pushing it through.

Did you go against the Liberals and support it during the election campaign as well?  Or were you against the HST during the election campaign?

I never heard it brought up during the election, truthfully. But keep asking these questions you think are going to trip me up–I didn’t post in here to debate.

I heard it during the election campaign.  I heard BC Liberals opposing it.  I’m just wondering when you came to support it, before or after they did? 

$1.6 billion is going to make listening to the public very, very hard.

“I can’t hear you through all the federal bling, bling.”

So, you don’t tell people that you plan to bring in a tax that not only will send the costs of all goods through the roof, but at the same time hand over tonnes of tax breaks to major industry in an effort to create jobs. But we still wait.

Meanwhile, you don’t raise the min wage and institute an arbitrary and deviant “learning” wage for 16-year olds. Hmm. Sounds like the old Chicago School of economics. That philosophy is you give away nationalized organizations (such as BC Gas and BC Rail)  for a song to major industrial players (such as Kinder Morgan and CN Rail) and tell the public that you are doing this because they can run it more efficiently, calling it “unfettered capitalism” that is good for everyone… except those that don’t have much money, stuck in your impoverish-the-lower-classes-philosophy. You cut welfare, you spend less on education, you put more pressure on the family and then blame Heath Care for all your ills.  

Meanwhile, BC Libs also throw away BC Ferries, who happen to fuck around with your credit card info, and then say in response, “well the Compter General report said that the organization is run reasonably well,” which you mutate into “run well” when queried, but whose report the CEO of the subsidized-private-not-private-now you see me-now-you-don’t-what-the-hell-is this-organization-anyways-company? said was a joke.  

I wonder if Gordo has a portrait of Milton Friedman posted to his wall? Ask how that worked out for Chile under Pinochet.

Eccentric, get out of this ideologue cloud you live in.  You may not make the world better by simply giving people everything, but there are some shared responsibilities that the followers of the Chicago School would like us to believe do not exist. Among them, is access to education, health care and free speech.

Huh?, sloooooow down. All I’m saying is that I would be amazed if the Liberals kept the HST in place after it’s been defeated by a provincial referendum, that’s all.

I wouldn’t  be amazed at all in fact I completely expect them to ignore the publics will and continue on.  They really do not give a fuck about what we want and figure the next election is far enough away that we will forget. Even if we don’t forget pretty much all of the liberals would qualify for their pension so they still dont give a fuck.