HST Information

For our customers information:

With the implementation of HST on July 1, 2010 Stacked will be forced to charge an additional 7% on nutritional supplements.

Childrens clothing up to youth size 20 will remain exempt from the 7% provincial portion, however adult sized clothing purchased for children with be subject to the full HST, which is 12%.

We will not raise our regular prices in response to the HST!!

I think you should get your facts straight being a store owner.

Products labelled as “meal replacementâ€


LOL! This is coming from the guy who think Stacked is going to close down.  :roll:

Where did that 8% come from? >.>

Yeah, I questioned that one myself  :unamused: Just a typo, I’m sure !

Its billy…nothing makes sense coming from his keyboard!  :smiley:

I think you should get your facts straight being a store owner.

Products labelled as “meal replacementâ€[/quote]

I would hope not…why even mention that?

I mentioned it, because I have been asked that.

For Billy - cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/gi/gi-001/gi-001-e.pdf

I am aware of that, and we dont have anything in the store that qualifies as a “basic grocery” purchase.  Nutritional supplements, like the products we carry are considered dietary supplements, which are subject to HST.[/quote]

Not that I know anything about this stuff, but it seems the document you linked says “Nutritional supplements” are NOT subject to HST.

So either your stuff isn’t really a “nutritional supplement” and is subject to the HST, or it is a “nutritional supplement” and isn’t subject to the HST.  But you can’t have it both ways :smile:  

I think you need to just drop the word “nutritional” from your statement up there, and you’d be fine. :smile:

Food and Drugs Act is Canadian.  It’s right there on the link you posted.  It’s the Canadian law that defines all this stuff.  The CFIA is largely responsible for enforcing the Food and Drugs Act.

It’s shit you don’t really need. Charge HST and remit it.
It’s done, it’s over.
Don’t make us redo everything again for free after they ripped us off for the token PST commissions. I’m just an ‘indentured revenoo-er’ now. Wish I could sit with my thumb up my ass and skim 12% of the gross!