How's the weather been?

Is it hot there? Or does the ocean moderate the heat a bit?

It was too damn hot here for us folks in Rupert. It was 34 in the shade on my deck for 2 days. Sleeping was brutal. Terrace had a humidex of 39 yesterday. It’s cooled off here now (15)and it’s trying to shower. Mix of sun and cloud returns tomorrow, temperatures around 20 at the airport.

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Nice and cool here today and overcast. As Gracies_Mom stated it was very hot for Rupertites for a few days. Cold, sideways rain is t-shirt weather for us.
It’s 10 degrees today. Perfect. :slight_smile:

It’s 35º here already, and it’s not even 10am. Going to be over 40º I think.

Here’s the weather in my shed:

Poor Lytton, it looks like it was destroyed by a fast moving wildfire. They had less than an hour to evacuate. It’s so dry all across the Province and lightning with no rain is going to make the situation worse. Thankfully it’s cooled off here but it’s dry.