How's Koodo in PR?

Looking at picking up the Nexus 5 unlocked with Koodo to use in Prince Rupert. Anybody have good news or horror stories to make me change my mind? Koodo is a subsidary of Telus, so it should work as well as anything else on the Telus/Citywest network, I would think…

I really don’t no about Koodo, but our family is on 711 speak out and it sure fits our needs…

I don’t use Koodo, but, if they use the Telus network it should be fine. My Telus phone meets my needs.

I had Koodo here for a year. The service was fine.

Sounds good. I’ll go with it. I would stick with SpeakOut, but it doesn’t offer the Nexus 5, alas. I can buy a sim, I suppose, but I’ll use the data up on the monthly I’m going to pick.

wmcduff, i have the 1 gig plan but because of all the free WiFi around town I’m going to 500 meg plan i don’t use as much as i thought would have… let us know how you like koodo, oh by the way i use a variety of phones with 711…have a good day.

Hi everyone - I was wondering where I can find Koodo in PR? Is it in the new Telus building near NWCC?


I ordered online, 601801.

For the record, so far, so good. Probably going to use the full GB, but I’m playing stupid augmented reality games, so you get what you’d expect.