How to keep busy in rupert

Any suggestions on how to keep busy in this town?
I’m new to the city, and I’d like to get out and do things, meet people…
clubs?  groups?  anything!

first: purchase some nice clothing.  Find a bar/club, get shit faced, and do drugs.  You’ll fit in nicely here… Just Kidding.  i’ve lived here my whole life, and still can’t find anything to keep me busy,  perhaps do what a vast majority of this town does? find a couple of people, maybe co-workers and go for coffee in the only place here? Tim-Hortons.  Start small get to know some people, dinner sucks go for lunch then you have time in the evening to relax.  not a lot of sports places here, you can check out casual drop in at the civic and play basketball with the kids, go swimming with the families, spring is just around the corner, Tennis? Bowling? I have no clue, i’m just bored and this seems to be the only thread I can post on.  perhaps if I say something rude or unsettling I too will be revoked of my posting privilages here also.  have a nice stay here in lovely Prince Rupert!!!

Honestly if you arent a wilderness person you arent going to enjoy Rupert.  As for clubs well when I was still there there was a kayaking club not sure if it still exists.  If you cant find anything I’d highly suggest starting a club. There are a lot of bored people in rupert that I’m sure would love to join you.

I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

Bowling, curling, darts, hockey, squash, wallyball, basketball, swimming. And that’s just stuff that I’d be interested in.

I’ve lived here my entire life, have a pretty busy social schedule, and I wouldn’t say that I’m very much of an outdoorsy kind of person at all.

Get into photography! This town is highly photogenic - in every subjective definition of the word.

Just avoid taking photos of rainbows, eagles and sunsets.

ya those are my domains…

Welcome to HTMF, Beth13 :sunglasses:

This City is in dire need of volunteers to gather all the trash and broken bottles laying all over.  Beth13, you might consider contributing your services in this domain.  Maybe all of us could pitch in and form somekind of a Club/Association and see that Rupert remains a clean and respectable City to live in. 

And who knows Beth13, you might set a good example to others to be more responsible and refrain from littering this otherwise beautiful City.

its called civic pride…People adopt an area and keep it clean… but over the last few year’s it has dwindled down… I took part and still do when I have time…

You’re right “astrothug”…it is called–as you rightfully said/wrote–“CIVIC PRIDE”.

Let’s begin a new thread (and I’ll let you lead the way) about forming a “Let’s Keep Rainbow City Clean” and have HTMF members sign on. 

What do you think about the idea “astrothug”?

…and go for coffee in the only place here? Tim-Hortons.  [/quote]

Gasp! Timmy’s is not the only coffee shop in town!!

Cowpuccino’s, JavaDotCup, 3rd Avenue, 2nd Ave Beans ‘n’ Greens.

Beth13 -

If you are interested in arts, there is an active and enthusiastic arts community - performing arts as well as visual arts.

If you are into sports, there’s the civic centre (this link will take you to the page where you can load the Spring Leisure guide for an idea of what is available there … _section=1 ). There is also a golf course, curling rink and raquet ball court.

If you are interested in eating - we have many restaurants.

If you like movies, we have one theatre with three screens - they also have a Thursday night at the movies deal with the local arts community…when they bring in other-than-mainstream flicks.

If you enjoy nature - you are coming to the right place…just bring your rain gear.

If you enjoy volunteering - you are needed!

if you guys wanna represent HTMF outside of the actual forum, I’m game. I will help you guys clean trash.

nothing like seeing some nerds picking up garbage.

err, I’d be the only nerd there. sorry  :imp: