How to get a square peg in a square hole!

for the posters of the sears blog

Another obscure post? 

Ahh.  I understand. :confused:

Uh, yeah.  Okay dude.  :unamused:


WTF?  Okay.

What, me or the punisher guy?

I’m normal and innocent; I drink Hennessey and eat caviar everyday.

Oops…sorry.  Your post is fine. :smiley: 
I was commenting on the original post.  My apologies.  The original post is a bit cryptic. :confused:

Forgive me HTMF Alumni but I fear I am confused for I was always under the impression that this expression was “How do you get a square peg into a round hole?” but then this seems to be a waste of our precious cyberspace time as this post makes absolutely NO SENSE and I am ashamed I am posting this but I was bored, and anxiously awaiting the return of the punisher  :confused:  I have missed his rants and raves today  :unamused:  Do you plan to explain this post also punisher…You started it…And I have to thank you for posting such great brainteasers…Are they in some sort of code?

I just figured we were all “too stupid” to figure out what he meant by it, so I left it at that.  :unamused:

  1. Insert peg into hole.

  2. There is no 2.

  3. Profit!