How old is HTMF?

I was just wondering today how old HTMF is and how it got started? has the story been told or is there a story ? Its gatta be at least 5 years old now right?

The Wayback Machine has HTMF’s first entry at March 2, 2001, so yes… it’s more than 5 years old.

MiG when was that song contest I won?  I think that was right about the time I started posting, and I started lurking a lil bit before that.  Sheesh I’ve wasted a lot of time here :smiley:

it all started in infotech class when Mike Chow was teasing us nerds, and said “What are you guys hacking the main frame, or something?”… and Mr. Borges (Mig) was like “thats a wicked name for a webpage”… and thats how HTMF started.

September 2006.  The name is Mike’s, yes.  He was referring to the fact that everybody had remote ssh sessions going instead of using the Windows GUI.

For a few months, HTMF just had a running dog.  Basically to make fun of another local website that featured the same running dog animated gif.

The current HTMF is version 6 of the site.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

AHahah good old info tech class’s with borges! those where some of my fav. class’s. Borges deffantly was one of the best teachers at chss, and still is he is one of the few tha ti have respect for. He is one of the teachers that did not ever get me into trouble even though I was one of the idiots that tried to be cool and send a msg to the whole school and even wrecked some of his work that he was working on for a couple hours. Im not sure if he remembers it but I deffently do. He could have totally screwed me over but he just kicked me out and told me to go home ahhaha but i loved all my info tech/ java class’s i had .

I think I’m going to cry.

Or puke.  heh.

damn doesnt have the old dog but heres some memories. …


MiG, you wrote September 2006.  You must have meant 2000.

Yeah, you’re right, 2000.

whoa…allt his computer gibberish is giving me a headache…do you people speak computer in canada, i though you spoke french and english.

plarlez vous l’englais???

Wow. I remember sitting in a computer lab at CHSS and looking at this site and posting on it. Yup. But which computer lab I don’t remeber because I haven’t been in CHSS in oh…6 years?

What do people use now?  Why is what they use better now? is it easier?

I made a webpage like 5 years ago, but gave up cuase i got bored.
I actually hate a lot of webpages out there now.  There so annoying.

Most the time i want things simple on a webpage.  Now theres all this
loading, click to continue, skip intro.  Movies playin in the background.
Its so gay, sounds are the worst.

Anyone else hate that annoying sound at the end of adware when your speakers
are cranked?
I know you can disable that, but still thats the most annoyin’st sound ever.
My drunken speech will end now