How dumb are you?

that was fun…8/10 not too dumb

Too easy…find us a harder one


but I think one question is wrong. They asked what gas can cause global warming or some such and they had carbon dioxide as the answer, but I think it should be carbon monoxide.

I got 12/12 as well.

I got 10 right so that was hard to believe… :confused:  I’m in with the other 12% of the public. I guess I remembered more Science than I thought from waaaaay back when. I apologize to all the Profs. I gave such a hard time to…NOT!!!  :smiley:  You 12 /12 are either very smart or very young or both…Congrats !!

Yeah now I am smarter than I thought, 11/12 if  I didn’t  skip that one day at school
to get that buzz so many years ago.

Carbon dioxide is one of the main gases in global warming.  The answer is correct.


Who’da thunk it…12/12  :smiley:

that was fun…8/10 not too dumb
LMAO…Dumb…OMG…I actually got 10/12… :smiley:  oops.[/quote]

Gotta brush up on my cell research … :unamused:

Wait a minute, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t we breathe out carbon dioxide? I dunno, don’t listen to me, I’m not a believer in the man mad global warming stuff…

lol 10

Yep.  We do.  :smile:

haha kay, just checking, I wasn’t sure… :unamused:

I really, really wish I was both.  :smiley:

I gots 400. I m smrt.

this makes me feel smart :smile:


10/12 surprised my self :smile: