How do you count cash?

How do you count cash?

How People Count Cash? - Funny bloopers R us

Like a Canadian.

100,200,300,400,500,600,700,800,900,1000,2000,3000. Counting 5’s/20’s is for drug dealers.

What cash?  Everything is on debit or visa!

In my experience, if you’re a buyer or employee, you simply hold a wad out to the boss with this blank, helpless look on your face and make him do it.
And the boss suspects it’s because you don’t want him to overhear you counting it “one, two, three, an a 'nudder one, an a 'nudder one, an a 'nudder one”

I can remember working for a shipping company and bringing cash onboard for the Captain.  The Captain would usually count to make sure it was all there.  And it’s true people from other places count cash differently.