How can it be?

How can you have “The Nature of Things” without David Suzuki?

“The Nature of Things” was around long before Daved Suzuki hosted it.

I think he actually had his own science show on CBC before joining The Nature of Things. He was also the host of CBC Radio’s Quirks and Quarks at one point.

I heard that he once got arrested around these parts because he was fishing with a bunch of native dudes and didn’t have a license and some DFO officer laid the beatdown on him, but I can’t find a link to support that.

david suzuki rocks.

MiG do you know if our David Suzuki is the D.T. Suzuki they reference in “The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra? - I am pretty sure it is but not totally.

David Suzuki sucks.

Let the debate start. Alpine is captain of the team that will defend the affirmative and Orange is the captain of the team that will argue the negative.
Mig and Bigthumb (that’s me!) are the referees.

The affirmative team will have two posts to start, followed by two rebuttals from the negative. The cycle 2-2 will repeat three times. After that, closing arguments posts are to be done by the captains in the same order. Any posts that doesn’t follow the pattern will be deleted.

Post should start with one of the two sentences quoted above to indicate your team.
Judging will happen after the closing arguments.

Mig will publish his paypal account number so you can bribe him ( hopefully he will share with me.)

Have fun!

Debates aren’t any fun unless you can actually see the other team cry when you yell at them.