How are we supposed to start to miss you

“But what he’s asking them to do is stay on the Titanic and keep rowing,” – Bob Plecas, one time advisor to Premier Gordon Campbell, outlining for the Globe and Mail the potential damage to the party from the Premier’s decision to stay on the job until a leadership convention takes place.

Premier Campbell’s surprise resignation announcement of last week elicited the usual bit of reminiscing of his time in public life, assessing the victories and the losses, looking back at the favourable reviews and the not quite so fond remembrances of his time at the top of the political heap in BC

However with Mr. Campbell seemingly not ready to actually leave the building until the Liberals select a replacement, the prospect of a lame duck Premier and stagnant government agenda is leaving many (including some Liberals) a little anxious and suggesting that perhaps when you say you’re leaving, you should actually leave the building.

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