How about a thread to chat about ON-LINE auctions?

[quote][size=14]* Are there any interested in buying or selling things over the internet, but haven’t the foggiest of where to begin?

  • Are there any interested in learning how to spot scam auctions and hijacked ebay accounts, but really haven’t found a platform to disguss it?

  • Has the idea of e-trading in general sparked your curiosity to the point that you sometimes find yourself hearing about it in real life?

  • Would the realm of on-line auction discussions be something you would like to chat about on this board?[/size][/quote]

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, perhaps by you posting to this thread could get the ball rolling, so to speak. I am a vertan in the field and although I may not have all the answers, I am extremely knowledgeable in the specifics of eBay. So much so that I have turned in approximately US6.8 Million Dollars in hijacked account auctions just this past December. I am an avid buyer and seller and come here equipped with a wealth of information.

Anyone interested in starting a thread discussing this further?

I wish to discuss this further

I second that motion. Good call Ranger.

Me too. I love finding scammers on eBay.

Hello rangerwreck and timbits - While we await the arrival of possible more parties interested in this sort of thing, can I perhaps enlighten you both on a little tidbit I learned quite a few years ago?

One of the first things you should be equipped with when getting into the auction idea, is to at least have some sort of spelling skills. I say this, because many sellers on ebay couldn’t spell if their sales depended on it.

Here are just a couple of ‘case in point’ auctions, currently running on ebay:

1. Remind me how to spell “NECKLACE”?

Here is a listing (auction) whereby the American seller (albeit new) is trying to auction off an exquisite and expensive piece of jewelry. After reviewing the listing, it would appear to be a 14K white diamond necklace with a total carat weight of 5 carats. Search words are extremely important when listing an auction because buyers who spell correctly, wont be finding the auction if the buyer cannot spell properly. Check out the words he used to sell this item. Neckless? (as in beheaded?) or how about those 5 carrots? Boy, could I use some carrot cake right about now.

Here is the guy’s listing if you would like to check it out yourself: … 4974866592

2. Remind me how to spell “BOWL”?

In this listing, the seller (an established seller from here in Canada) is trying to auction off a bowl in the form of a chip and dip piece by ‘blue mountain pottery’. Check out the keyword this seller used to sell its piece. BOWEL? (as in bowel movement?) I wouldn’t be dipping my chips in any sort of BOWEL, regardless what the hell kind of pottery it was made from.

Here is the seller’s listnig if you would like to check it out yourself: … 7306458633

Hopefully I haven’t spelled anything too grossly bad in my post. :wink:

Good morning, smartass. I was working on my post and didn’t see you come in. Hello~!

I love getting those scammers too, especially when the payoff of recognition blankets my desktop to the point of driving me out to timmies for my double double. :smile:

Just hopefully not from being a buyer though.

mmm double doubles. Quiet Timmies nights suck :frowning:

[quote=“Auction Bites”]

Just hopefully not from being a buyer though.[/quote]

I’ve only ever had a problem with one auction out of the 400 or so I’ve been involved in, and it wasn’t even anything for myself. I went through PayPal so they got me my money back no problem, and all has been good since.

This is going to go fast…

I just discovered a hijacked ebay account and have just now fired off my letter to ebay (my report). Here is a screen shot of the auctions:

Here is my report:

[quote]----- Original Message -----
From: "xxxxxxxxxxxx"
To: Trust & Safety
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 4:07 AM
Subject: Hijacked account of user: shoreline_food_store (434)


I wish to report the following five listings as hijacked auctions, which auctions total US$1,900.00: … 4709257316 … 4709257363 … 4709257506 … 4709257703 … 4709257778

I request that you pull the contact information of the seller (shoreline_food_store) and compare it to the email address provided the above listings, In addition, I request that you verify the seller’s account. If you are unable to verify any portion of the members account, I request that you terminate these bogus listings and suspend the account until such time as the true seller can proceed to have its account reinstated through the livehelp process.

The bogus email address has been active for many months and I seriously doubt that this seller even knows that its account has been hijacked to host the listings in my report.

I trust that you will give this matter your immediate attention, terminate the listings and suspend activity on the subject account.

Robb [snip]
eBay username: xxxxxxxxxxxx[/quote]

I trust that my report will be reviewed and action taken within the next couple of hours. Please check out the listings I have reported to see if you can see how I knew these were all scams.


Its 5:48AM and I just heard from ebay, so I thought I would edit this post. If you venture to the seller’s link below, you’ll see that the site has NARU the member: … food_store

No longer a registered user

I’m off to bed.


The guy goes from selling foodstuffs like Olive Oil to selling popular electronic devices… kind of a weird shift in products from his store. The “please send email from your address, and not through ebay” is a giveaway as well, and the ugly ass template with the bad english seals the deal that it’s fake.

Ready for SCAM TWO? Check this out:

Here is my report:

[quote]----- Original Message -----
From: "xxxxxxxxxxxx"
To: Trust & Safety
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 4:44 AM
Subject: Hijacked account of user: xcoolstuffx ( 103)


I request that you review these listings for authenticity immediately: … 6376566249 … 6376566254 … 6376566306 … 6376566310 … 6376566322 … 6376566356 … 6376566428 … 6376566480

As in my previous reports to you, this hacker ( is still permitted entrance onto your site. It disgusts me that ebay does not have these sort of KEYWORDS in their listing platform which would prevent these hackers from their repeat offenses.

I request you verify the seller’s account, remove these bogus listings and suspend the account immediately until such time as the TRUE seller can proceed to have its account secured.

Robb [snip]
eBay Username: xxxxxxxxxxxx[/quote]


It is 7:02AM and I just heard from ebay, so I thought I would edit this post. If you venture to the seller’s link below, you’ll see that the site has removed all the bogus listings: … coolstuffx

Perhaps the account will suspended in short order, depending on the security compromise with the member.



This would be a perfect search to go to ebay with to find this particular hijacker. You would click on the “advanced search” at the top right of the ebay page. Then in the search bar, would type in, including the quotes, “So,if you want a quick answer to your questions,mail me directly at:”. Insure you have the little box checked to search both titles and descriptions, and voilla… Watson is onto something.

Here is that search:…//…


Holy shit. I thought you were some phpBB advertising posting spider… or something. Trying to lead us to the ways of eBay… rad.

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Hello “Auction Bites”.

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so what shold i do to go about getting rid of old ofice stuff from my store? like perfectly good photocopiers, fax machines, Portmasters & Ciscos, wireless radios etc?
is there things i should look be wary of selling on e-bay? i’ve been asked to do this, but i’ve never got around to it…

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