House taxes rising

Last week in the Daily News, I read that the our lil city of Prince Rupert voted in favor of a 4% tax increase. They claimed that Rupert is in need of this increase, and that 4%, was better than 5%. council went on to comment that rupert is in need of upgrades, and that the city has needed this for a long time, well what moron decided to send city workers to scrub street signs in the piss pouring rain?, and who sends the city to water plants in the rain? So tell me again that the city is hurting. The city only seems to care about the downtown core, and it’s appearence for the tourists that come here, For cryin out loud, I have lived from the east coast all the way out to the west coast, and this is the first city that I have EVER seen scrub stop signs, let alone scrub them in the rain. Maybe city council should get their heads out of their asses, and wake the hell up. Here’s an idea, why doesn’t council take a 10%decrease in pay, to compensate for the useless waste of time that city workers  spend cleanin signs, or waterin plants.

LOL, yeah I saw that the other day watering flowers in a monsoon just seems kind of uh, job creationist… same with the stop signs… But hey the sidewalk at the court house is nice and wide so all is good… too bad they couldn’t have patched up the pot holes on the street in front of it though…

Actually I’m not too sure they’re all that concerned about the Downtown core, maybe the city hall block core, cause if you wander down 2nd and 3rd it’s looking pretty derelict these days, makes for an interesting tour of the “historic downtown district”

Hehe. If you knew how little Coucil members are paid for the hours they put in, I think you’d find that a 10% decrease wouldn’t hurt their personal financial situations that much.

I think a lot of them are going to get a 100% cut come election time.

How often does one see any city council member on the streets downtown? Herb came into Timmies a few week ago and people thought it was election time again especially when they saw Gabe Mclean and Mrs. a week or two before. I have not seen much of our city fathers and mothers out there for some reason. Yeah,I saw them watering the plants in the rain.

Forgive the councillors, they should check with you, Justin Case, before going into town. That way you’ll see them.

Actually, you’re right. The counicllors NEVER go downtown. All the things they need to live are sent to their houses via helicopter–and they use a teleportation machine to get to City Hall.

Come on…


Ah - councillor eccentric living up to your name, I see.

hyperbole is alive and well on htmf.

Some of the councillors work downtown for their day jobs:
Joy-Fisherman’s Hall
Kathy-Hecate Strait
Tony-Credit Union