House robbed in broad daylight

today febuary 12th Friday, at about 2 o 'clock while an all west glass worker was installing windows at 301 7th avenue west and the home owner was away, some unknown person walked past the worker said hi walked into the house (the door was open for the worker) went downstairs and stole:
-play station 3 console
-apx. 8 PS3 games
-red and black playstation controllers with chargers
-nintendo wii console
-4 wii remotes
-apx. 15 wii games

everything was put into a black duffel bag with red trim and left out the back door and took off, the description of the guy given by the worker

  • 16-20 year old male
  • wire frame glasses
  • dirty blondish reddish hair ear length curly
  • about 5’8
  • blue jeans, beige hoodie
  • no hat on

if anyone has seen anyone suspicious or matches the description, or is trying to sell any of the thing listed above please contact me at . 250 627 4656, or email me at, thank you

pretty ballsy sounds like someone that knows the place look into your “friends”

good luck

Bump.  Good luck in getting your stuff back.

yup- I would suspect a “friend” or someone known to the ppl who live there. 

7th Avenue West…“Hells Kitchen.”

Not surprising, but the person must have been familiar with one or all of the occupants (or friends with a friend of the occupants). That’s too bad though, good luck getting your stuff back.

There was a a gruddy theif I scared off a couple weeks ago in the 400 Block, he was rumaging through a car…funny how fast most thieves take off when confronted.

One of these…

Some of these… … 18106.html

Or this… … turret.jpg

Lets see how fast they can run… :imp: