House rental rates


I have a house in Prince Rupert that has been empty for a couple of years and I am now thinking about renting. Probably in July 2014.

House details:

  • 10 minute walk to town
  • well insulated (aka extensive renovations)
  • very quiet neighbourhood
  • 3 floors: basement (washer, dryer, freezer, TV room), main floor (kitchen, dining room, living room, 1/2 bathroom), top floor (2 bedrooms, a small study, and a small full bathroom)
  • it is an old house with mostly new wiring and plumbing.
  • fairly good view of water
  • natural gas heat and hot water

I would not want a dog in the house as the floors are fir and unfortunately dog toenails will mark the floor. A well trained cat (aka no spraying) would be okay.

I am wondering what the market rental rate for it would be.

any advice will be greatly appreciated.

kind regards


Only advice is to thoroughly screen applicants and know the residential tenancy rules inside out. I know of more nightmares than success stories, so be careful.