Hot Tub Time Machine

Opens on the 26th, I’m going!! Anyone else want to go back to the 80’s, all that hair and those clothes???  :sunglasses:

Do we need to wear a bathing suit? :smiley:

From what I’ve seen in the red-band trailer, suits are optional.  :wink:

Free spirit is optional as well so no suits is good.

At least wear a headband!

Women wear bathing cap, something with flowers all around but in front a big 3D which sticks out just fine.

One of you sons of bitches better bring me back a hyper color t-shirt or else.

…better ask nicely  :smiley:

I did.

Just saw the movie…

Clothing optional, recreational stimulants suggested and knowing the rules of what to do when you get to your accidental destination is a must, or at least that’s what the flick would suggest. It was fun but there were some serious messages thrown in there as well-makes me think that John Cusak does a lot of thinking about life and the choices that we make.