Hot Spots

Where are a few hotspots in town? I notice tons of wireless connections but so far everyone has them locked up.

Stay out of the Hot Spot man… that’s where all the bad kids hang out.

Kay, I don’t actually live in Rupert, so I might be wrong with exact names of places, but my husband fishes out of there, and he said that the yacht club has an unsecured connection, and you can access it really close to that pub in the cow area.  Crap. I can’t remember what it’s called… breakers?  Anyway, down there somewhere. 

Correct :stuck_out_tongue:  and he can even go for a coffee at cowbay gift gallery and stuff.


Are you visiting?  Or do you need permanent access?  I know of a couple. 

tim hoton’s, pizza hut, library and around overwaitee there was one

I had a crowd gathered watching me use the Asus Eee outside China Cup in PG last Monday. Noticed a proliferance of 2 WIRE WEP’d signals on channel 6 around there.
I dunno about Citytel but all the Telus units are now encrypted before delivery. That’s to prevent you claiming someone else was using the bandwidth… hahaha… and you thought it was for ‘your security’… :smiley:

I got to see an eeePC today at work, and found out we have a wireless network in the store… but it’s locked :frowning:

The eeePC was totally cute… and now I want one!

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