Hot mail

So this weekend I took my old tower down to put in storage and I decided to use my Laptop but when I tried to use my email it did not nor does it still recognize my same user name nor password . I have gone through the process many times now to get a new password , I must get security number they call me and give it to me but then I try to sign in I get negative response , the security number has expired . So I guess HELP me Someone PLEASE .

That’s strange! Try this site… … forgot-faq

I have tried that and they give me a security number and when I attempt again to try and do an email it will ask for my security number and when I type it in as requested , it says number has expired . I spoke with a computer tech and he says this has been happening for the last few months .

So, are we at risk of having our hotmail accounts hacked? What can we do to ensure that doesn’t happen?

You could always consider getting a gmail account. A gmail account is free like Windows Live (previously hotmail). I’ve had my gmail account for years. Gmail is provided by Google.


If I got a Gmail account will I lose my contact from my email list ? I was hoping that I could print them out if possible .

Contact transfer shouldn’t be a problem. You will realize the amount of websites, forums, blogs, online stores, etc, that use your old address would have to be switched over if you make the change.

Also. I may be mistaken but it seems google tries to get you to sign up for google+ if you want a Gmail account.

This might help.

How to Switch from Hotmail to Gmail

Not sure but I thought gmail was shutting down in a few years.

I maybe as well , so what do I have to lose .

Do you have proof of your statement? I am curious.

Hitest, I have no proof not even sure its true. I use gmail as well but thought I read somewhere a while back it was going to end. I had Hotmail and transferred to gmail and am happy with it. Hope it don’t end.

Just googled gmailending and got this apparently igoogle was what I was thinking of…Sorry for the confusion. … 4197?hl=en