Hooking up an iPhone in Rupert Rogers/711/Petro

now that rogers is here, anyone use their iphone here on
rogers network???

I think i want to do pay as you go…
now that we have rogers network… does that mean we can now use
711 and petros pay as you go plans???

My iPhone’s on the 7-11 Speakout thing.  Works great. 

It was previously on an AT&T PAYG plan, then on a Fido package.  I just switched the SIM.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Cool. :sunglasses:

It’s amazing what this iPhone can do.  It even has a shaver incorporated and a cow in case you need milk.

Those apps are for the kid, of course.  The shaver vibrates the phone and makes a shaving noise (you turn it off and on just like a slider.  The Moo application … well, it mooooos when you move the phone (uses the accelerometer). 

How much is Iphone here monthly?

I use my phone average of 1/2 hour a day

It’s a GSM phone, so you can just use whatever package you want with a GSM carrier.  Rogers, Fido, 7-11 Speakout, PetroCanada, Sears, etc.

So whatever package you can get without an iPhone, you can get with an iPhone.

What about buying one of these SHITTY hiphones :smile:

tomsguide.com/us/iphone-appl … o-160.html

how do i get on the 711 up here? do i have to go there and buy a phone and
swap the sim card? or will they just give you the sim card?

how much is it to activate and stuff?

The local 7-11 doesn’t have any phones, although the woman said that she would order some now that it works here.

A friend picked up mine in Vancouver before Christmas.  $100 of airtime gets you the free phone.  So I just took the SIM out and put in my iPhone and then called them up and asked for a local number (instead of a Vancouver one).

No activation fees or anything like that.

If you have an iPhone, you’ll have to do the SIM unlock thing first, though.  Lots of guides on the web on how to do that.

Has anyone had any luck porting their current citywest phone number over to Rogers? I tried the tool on the Rogers site and it says my number isn’t available.

Yeah, legally Citywest has to release your number.  But a couple of “what the heck do I know anyway” observations:

  • Citywest’s system barely knows that the new Rogers service exists.  ie: you can’t call a 600-xxxx phone from a Citywest cell phone, yet you can call the same 600-xxxx from Vancouver, Terrace,  Asia and Europe and from Skype.  This was the same for Citywest landlines last week – you couldn’t reach 600-xxxx numbers from Rupert landlines, even though you could from the rest of the world.  So I think they just need to reprogram the Citywest exchange or something like that.  They were able to fix the problem with the landlines (even called me to confirm), but still haven’t fixed the problem of Citywest mobile customers calling Rogers mobile customers.  Ironically enough, the reverse isn’t a problem.

  • Citywest is legally obligated to release an existing phone number to be ported.  This can be a landline or a mobile number.  Here’s the catch – they only have to release existing numbers to another provider that is operating in the same area.  So if you have a rupert 624-xxxx or 627-xxxx mobile or landline number, that doesn’t qualify because Rogers isn’t offering service in the Prince Rupert exchange.  They’re offering service in the Port Edward exchange.  I take it they’re doing this to minimize their dealings with Citywest?  They may already have an existing agreement with Telus that would cover Port Edward.

Edit:  I guess you would be able to port a Port Edward phone number?  Want to put in a Port Edward phone number and see if it works?

Again, what the heck do I know?   These are just observations.  I’m sure someone with more knowledge about this stuff will fill in the blanks or correct me.