I’m glad Hondo joined the race. Now I can vote for someone I know and like.

Oh yeah, and he knows his stuff too.

Is he the Green Party candidate?


And split the vote. Great system we have, where a vote for Hondo is a vote for Bill Belsey.

Don’t forget to vote yes for STV, so that votes for the Green party in the future won’t actually be votes for the BC Liberals.

But unfortunately, that’s exactly what it would mean to vote Green in the North Coast riding – it would mean, in effect, voting for Belsey.

Ok is there going to be someone else run that I could vote for that would be a vote for Coons, without actually voting for him?

Not sure about the numbers last time… did Belsey have a majority? Or was the “not BC Liberal” vote just split among a bunch of parties?

I feel your pain, smartass, I really do. It really sucks, in a tight race, to vote for a 3rd party, because you’ll basically be helping split the vote.

I hope you’re voting yes for STV. stvforbc.com/

I love STV, the mainstream parties hate it. They know we’ll vote Green (or Marijuana Party, Christian Heritage, or Communist or whatever) for our first choice.

stvforbc.com/ go there, read about it, vote for it.

I’m keeping my enthusiasm for STV in check until we see implementation. If there’s only one MLA from the riding, it doesn’t help.
You have to increase the number of MLAs or increase the size of the ridings and lose some community connections. If Vancouver was one riding with a boatload of MLAs, who represents the Downtown East Side?
I’d think the best way to redraw would be to begin with say 99 MLAs and make sure that everyone gets to elect at least two… and a non-partisan commission draws the maps.
Or we could wind up with the worst case of gerrymandering in history.

Well, I think it would be a hell of a lot better than what we have now, ie: voting for Hondo is basically voting for the BC Liberals. That’s crazy.

STV sounds like some sort of STD…lol…better of voting liberals :smiling_imp: jk

Well you can tell he’s not to popular by driving by his bill boards, if there are any left standing or intact.

Who’s billboards? Coons or Belsey? You can’t be meaning Hondo since I don’t think he has any advertizing up yet.

I’ve seen a lot of Coons’ boards get thrashed from one day to the next… not a whole lot of Belsey’s though. I bet it’s Belsey out there in the middle of the night supervising his athletic supporters to knock them down.

What hondo dear god no every one loves hondo.

its the belseys posters . and the reason it seems that nothings hapend to them is because theres nothing left is because im pretty sure they get a fine beating.

I’ve been reading about STV. It’s a fantastic idea. Accurate representation and proportionality. Check the About section and read the little bit about the past 2 elections. I don’t know how anyone can say no, other than they find it too complicated and think it’s too much like a board game. But hundreds of thousands of voters are not represented at all in parliament because they voted for the other guys, and it’s wrong! Go check it out, everyone!! I’ll post another link…

I think it’s a great idea too.

I know the major parties hate it, which is good enough for me!

Anyway, don’t let them drop the “it’s too complicated” bullshit on you. It’s not complicated at all. Canadians are smart.

Its the Amazing Hondo!

Also, on the topic of competitive races. Smartass, you didn’t go golfing on Saturday, how come?

If STV is implemented fairly, it is deliciously anarchistic… demagogues be gone.
And a vote fot the Greens would be a vote for the Greens instead of removing a vote for the other guy…
This is how we should elect the Senate. Five regions electing 20 Senators each by STV, Six STV Senators from First Nations and one each from the Territories.

I know a lot of people now that are happy they have someone else to vote for instead of Bill or Gary.

Go Hondo!

STV looks like a great idea… Watch the video, makes complete sense. Are we going to see this in effect this election or the next one. Another 4 years with another ludicrous govn’t representation would suck.

I was at the bowling alley doing the year end party for the kids league until almost 5. I figured it was too late to start after that, my friends weren’t going, and golfing just isn’t my thing unless I have people to laugh at too.