Home Hardware sale no deal yet

I just dropped into Home Hardware’s closing out sale…

A person needs to wait a few weeks, the most I saw was 10% off, except some cookware… 

The damp mildew smell in that old store still lingers, it’s a health risk.

I will be glad to see the new store.  Anyone know the launch date for that?

he would probably still tell u - i dont have it now but i can get it tuesday lol

And will it be open on Sundays?


anytime you go in there to get something from the flyer he says i dont have it now but i can have it for you on tues or whatever day. dont know how he stayed in business this long

The new Home Building Centre is opening April-ish.

Will they be offering employment to Philpots old employees?

I heard they kept everyone on that wanted to stay…

Was in there today to pay my locker fees and they have a great deal of renovating left to do before the Grand Reopening, only half the floor had been tiled, walls still being drywalled.  Lots of work to do. Big though!!

It is completely different owners for the new place. The guy that ownes the old place is just going out of business.

i know that i was talking about the old place  :smiley: