Home building center 2009

Home hardwarer building center has bought out phillpott, expect better service inproved selection of building supplies nd lower prices.

So does that mean that the overcrowded Home Hardware on 3rd is closing?

I dont know i hope so as that store is terrible, i was told from a friend who shops at phillpott all the time about the buyout.

oooh!  Awesome!  I love the Home Hardware/building supply stores…  I’ve worked at a couple.  The local HH is pretty old school.  Reminds me of the old hardware stores years ago.  A nice, shiny, bright Home Building Centre will be awesome!  Let’s hope they get a better paint shaker!

fantastic, wonderful. Finally,the old boys are out and the pricing will be more competative. AND hopefully the service will get better. I went down there and all service walked away from me…

oh lord your not kidding the service down there has sucked for years…
time to get the old boys out…
anyone know of a time line that we might see some changes? 

I stopped going to Phillpott years ago, the service was terrible.  Good to hear we have a new place to try out. :smiley:

Another Prince Rumor, People.

No actually Astruohugsyouall it is not a rumour. The sale is going thru for the end of Dec for fiscal year end!

I just talked to the owner of Home Hardware and He said he was not moving and He had heard about the rumor too…

I believe him more then I do the rumors…

It is totally Vapour i know a couple of the shareholders of philpott
nothing is happening

and i like to think the service there is top notch
i cant stand rona

Please read:  It is homehardware building centre not the same as Home Hard ware.  I was talking to some of the senior staff.  Although there has been no public statement from the board of directors the staff has been informed.  By the way …try and get something ordered via regular means NOT only special orders are being brought in.  Would you like to place a bet on it?

I don’t get it its a home hard ware store but not the homehardware store, is that whats you saying??? THERE the SAME STORE!!!
I did a search and found no store except the Home hardware  store…

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I think he’s saying that Philpott will become a Home Hardware Building Centre, which is different than just Home Hardware.

Omega says it’s not true, Maxwell says it is.

and the owner of home hardware said its not true!!

hmmm I believe OMEGA has a really good reason to believe what he hears from the “shareholders.” :wink:

There is something brewing in the basement of the mall… but a takeover it’s not.

aww Smartass due tell, due tell  :smiley:

It’s so secret… even I don’t know yet!  But yeah… there’s something in the works.


Looks like there are homehard ware stores and home hard ware building centres!

Maybe the couple of shareholder were sleeping as some of them are so old… The old boys are out it’s about time they have ripped of the people of rupert long enough