Holy Moses! What a long strange trip it's been!

In a development that could change the way that western civilization looks at all that has evolved in history over the centuries, the concept of the ten commandments as the basis for all that we hold true and dear may be on some shaky ground.

An Israeli scholar, Benny Shanon who is a professor of cognitive philosophy at Hebrew University, says that his evidence gathering has led him to believe that Moses may have been on a rather nasty hallucinogenic trip when he claims to have received the famed tablets.

Shanon writing in the British research journal Time and Mind, suggests that naturally existing plants in the Sinai Peninsula have the same mind altering characteristics as those that are found in the Amazon jungles, his belief is that Moses and his followers were regular users of the narcotic which has led to what is known as ayahuasca inebriation. A condition where those that take the narcotic would see light, which would be accompanied by profound religious and spiritual feelings…

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