Hold up the GAS STATION?

I was pondering holding up the Gas Station, until I drove up and noticed that the price of gas had dropped quite a bit.

I’m now on the lookout for another venue.


Just kidding about the hold up, but the gas prices are dropping all over the place. 

its way to much in the north look east and south and price of gas is 1.20  and less…

I saw some tourist taken pictures or our gas prices today…
They we’re amazed how high it was…

yet prices of gas don’t bother me.  Anyone else out there that don’t
care what the price of gas is, or is it just me.  I don’t shop at other grocery stores
cause carrots are on sale, or ground beef is a certian price per pound

It really sucks, but it’s life. The natural ebb and flow of the global economy will either force the currency of the world down, therefore neutralizing gas prices, or the gas prices will eventually begin to drop. It’s likely we’re heading into a rather serious depression–but don’t worry–WW3 and the industry required to fight a multi-front war will bring all western countries out of the depression. Just don’t be out of your bomb shelter when the first nuke hits.

$1.13 here now, what is it there?