Hold off on that boomtown talk for a little while yet

Looks like a shoe is about to drop in the world of international trade through Canada’s west coast ports

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This is old news…I read this at least a month ago.

The US doesn’t have a leg to stand on here…

[quote=“bthedog”]This is old news…I read this at least a month ago.

The US doesn’t have a leg to stand on here…[/quote]

Actually no it’s not “old” news, its just the continuation of the theme, the fact that Perrin Beatty has reason to be concerned would probably be message for most folks that the issue isn’t going away and the worse the American economy gets, the more protectionist they will become.

As for not having a leg to stand on, when it comes to the US, that rarely seems to be a position they seem to concerned about.

Think the softwood debacle of the last decade for just one example

Further to the discussion

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why doesn’t the senators mention that US ports have the right to add tax to property taxes, ie home owners and business owners taxes help their ports, isn’t that a subsidy too?

Today’s dispatch on the latest developments in the world of protectionism

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A double dispatch today, as the FMC a US Government Agency voted to launch a study in possible unfair Canadian government subsidization of West Coast container ports.

"The FMC board voted unanimously Wednesday in Washington, D.C., to support Lidinsky’s proposal for the launch of a study into possible government subsidization of Canadian and Mexican ports and especially the Port of Prince Rupert in northern B.C.

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They’re crying because it’s cheaper to ship through Canada, faster too.

Today’s dispatch on the topic…

For his part, Don Krusel, president and CEO of the Prince Rupert Port Authority, stressed: “The advantages shippers are realizing through utilizing the Port of Prince Rupert and the Northern Trade Corridor (in British Columbia) are not the result of subsidy or lax security, but rather the speed and reliability in service attributed to efficient operations.”

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