Hockeyville Tickets?

anyone know about the tickets yet? I asked on facebook but they had no idea yet…It was said that they will be given out to the kids in the hockey organization/schools and whatnot…It would be great to get some, buuutttttt we are on the coast and it’s highly unlikely  I am told! I even voted quite afew  times to…

I don’t think that they know the answer yet because the Arena in Terrace is is being looked at first to see if it meets the requirements to hold an NHL game there. If not it will be held in Kitimat. Next on the list will be the ticket distribution I am told. I still think that we should hold a party in each Arena in the area … not the same but … I told the organizers of Hockeyville in Terrace you never know!

i like the party in ruperts arena idea a big screen maybe showing the game or try to get the vancouver canucks alumni team to play the rampage team